Our new location is NOW OPEN

Explore the foodie fun and gourmet appliances at The Cook’s Station, Greenville’s kitchen store and cafe. You can now visit us at our 11,000 square foot location @ 515 Buncombe Street downtown, across from the library in the Heritage Historic District.


{ Breakfast }

Fried Bologna Sandwich/ with grilled tomato, cheddar $7.99
Biscuit and Gravy fried Dumplings $5.99
Local pork scrapple/ grilled onions, grilled tomato $8.99
Breakfast Burrito/ eggs, avocado, smoked gouda, potatoes, crema, onion, pepper $8.99
Biscuit Cobbler/ fruit cobbler of the day $6.99
Breakfast Sandwich/ omelet style eggs, mushrooms, cheddar, green onion $7.99
Eggy Bites/ farm fresh eggs, bacon, goat cheese $2.25

{ Lunch }

Grilled Cheese/ red onion, avocado, true goat Boursin, Halloumi, aioli, Cuban roll $10.99
Ham salad on our house milk bread $11.49
Deviled Egg Salad Roll/ lettuce, house milk bread $8.99
The Bird/ turkey, greens, Karst cheese, mustard vinaigrette, onion, Cuban roll $12.99
Cured Roast Pork/ onions, pepper, mushrooms, house made cheese wiz, Cuban roll $12.99
Tomato Sando/ pimento cheese bread pudding, Dukes mayo $9.99

{ Bowls & Salads }

Grain Salad/ faro, quinoa, marinated vegetables, kale, herbs, white balsamic vinaigrette $12.49
Root Veggie Salad/ kale, herbs, arugula, goat cheese, sunflower seeds, mustard vinaigrette $12.49
Soba Salad/ green onion, sesame seeds, peanuts, carrots, cucumbers, radish, Dashi vinaigrette $11.49
Brussel Sprout Salad/ onions, carrots, peppered pork side meat, Karst cheese, herb vinaigrette $9.49
Farm Salad/ local seasonal greens, red onion, carrots, pickled peppers, cucumbers, ranch $7.49

{ Do You Know the Muffinn Man? }

Cornbread berry, Hagood mill corn meal, seasonal berries $1.25
Churros, cinnamon, sugar $1.25
Mun of the day $1.25

{ Grab and Go Gourmet Items }

Ham Salad
Sm: $5.99/Med: $8.99/Lg $25.00

Egg salad
Sm: $3.99/Med: $6.00/Lg $16.00

Potato Salad
Sm: $2.49/Med: $4.99/Lg $10.00

Pimento Cheese
Sm: $4.49/Med: $13.99/Lg $19.00

House boursin cheese spread
Sm: $5.00/Med: $8.00/Lg $25.00

Pickled shrimp
Sm: $12.00/Lg $26.00

Smoked trout dip
Sm: $12.00/Lg $18.00

Chickpea salad
Sm: $2.49/Med: $6.49/Lg $12.00

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs, may increase your risk of food borne illness.



{ M-F } 8am – 5pm

{ SAT } 10am – 4pm
closed 1st Sat/month

{ SUN } closed


{ M-F } 7am – 8pm

{ SAT } 9am – 6pm

{ SUN } 10am – 5pm


{ M-F } 7am – 8pm

{ SAT } 9am – 6pm

{ SUN } closed


{MON} 11am – 8pm

{ SAT } 11am – 6pm

{ SUN } 11am – 5 pm

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