Charcoal vs. gas grills

There is no shortage of rivalries in the world. Chevy versus Ford. Coke versus Pepsi. Clemson versus Carolina. When it comes to grilling, there is one great rivalry: gas versus charcoal. Maybe you consider yourself a charcoal purist. Perhaps you prefer the ease and convenience of gas grilling.

Let’s break down the basics to explore what really sets these two methods apart:


A common argument in favor of the charcoal grill is enhanced flavor. Charcoal grills can impart that smoky flavor everyone loves, especially if you add wood chips to the mix. However, choose your charcoal carefully. Self-igniting charcoal or charcoal fluids create a chemical smell and can add those flavors into your food.

Advantage: Charcoal


The key to a good sear on your meat is a high temperature. Using the perfect combination of timing and technique, charcoal grills can burn at 500-700ᵒF—or higher—when a typical gas grill will only reach 400-600ᵒF. Just when you thought this battle was decided, premium gas grills like the ones you’ll find at The Cook’s Station (Lynx, Wolf, Napoleon) can match or exceed temperatures reached by charcoal grills.

Advantage: Toss-Up


There’s little competition here. It’s hard to beat the convenience of a gas grill. They light instantly, reach temperature quickly, and have no messy charcoals to discard. To make it even easier, you can go with a natural gas grill that connects to your line at home, which makes worrying about running out of propane becomes a thing of the past!

Advantage: Gas


One of the many great things about a charcoal grill is its portability. They come in all shapes and sizes, and are great for camping, tailgating or just hanging out in the backyard. However, being such a simple mechanism, charcoal grills lack the accessories and attachments a creative grill master craves. Whether you’re looking for a rotisserie or a sear station, gas grills come with all the bells and whistles.

Advantage: Toss-Up

The lesson here is know your instrument! Knowing how to use your grill and understanding its capabilities are the keys to becoming your family’s grill guru. Whether your preference is charcoal or gas, the professionals at The Cook’s Station will have you grilling in no time.

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