Five tips for designing your kitchen

You’re ready to tackle your kitchen remodel. Now what? Maybe you have some fun ideas floating around in your head, but you’re not sure where or how to begin. Ask yourself these five questions to help get your project started off right:

What is my end game?
Before you begin, consider where and when you want to finish. One of the most critical initial decisions is your budget. Determining your budget ahead of time will ensure that everyone involved in your project is on the same page, and when the work is complete, you’re not stuck making ramen noodles on your new gas range.

Another consideration is your timeline.
This involves not only deciding how much time you can devote to the project itself (perhaps you have an event or a holiday coming up), but you also want to consider how long you plan on living in your home. If you think you might sell in the next 10-15 years, how will your design decisions today impact your home’s resale value in the future?

How do I plan on using my kitchen?
No two families use their kitchens in exactly the same way. Your current kitchen might be filled with children working on homework during the day, host to family dinners on weeknights and dinner parties on weekends. It also might be your own private workspace. You’re in the kitchen not only to cook, but also to enjoy that little desk nook off to the side.

Consider the top three functions your kitchen serves in the life of your family, and decide if you want to translate those elements into your new design.

What kind of storage space do I need?
Who doesn’t wish their kitchen had more storage space? Start by taking an inventory of everything you need to store in your kitchen. Record measurements of your large, oddly shaped items. Don’t forget to take a good look around the room, and identify all those things on the countertop you wish had a home out of sight. Making sure everything has a home before construction begins will help avoid surprises when it’s time to fill your new drawers and cabinets.

A few more things to consider:
Where will the garbage and recycling live? Should you conceal the microwave? Are your cleaning supplies easily accessible? If you buy or cook in bulk, is there enough pantry and freezer space?

What’s my personal style?
This is the fun part for all the design junkies out there. Are you traditional or modern? Casual or formal? Do you prefer rustic wood accents or a clean, industrial feel? Try drawing inspiration from an accent rug or piece of artwork to help determine the style and the color palette for your kitchen. Consider the existing style and colors in other rooms so that your new kitchen design flows with the rest of your home.

No matter which style you gravitate toward, include plans for adequate lighting. Create a functional scheme with general lighting, task lighting and accent lighting.

Should I use a professional?
Whether you’re gutting your entire kitchen and starting from scratch, or just looking to upgrade a few appliances, the professional designers at The Cook’s Station are ready to assist and advise on all your design questions. Schedule your appointment to get started!

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