Ultimate Summer Produce Guide

Looking for the tastiest ways to make the most of your summer produce? We have created an easy cheat sheet to help make the most of it. What do you think of our ultimate summer produce guide? Let us know in the comments.


We love to use it in pesto, in a salad tossed with Parmesan and lemon, as a pizza topping or sauteed with garlic and olive oil.


We all know the options are endless here. Our favorite avocado ways are mashed on toast or in guac, sliced on top of dishes or blended in smoothies.


When we aren’t eating our berries straight out of the package, we are certainly baking them into desserts or throwing them in a smoothie.


We feel that grilled is the way to go for summer, but we also love it raw in salsa or baked into a cheesy corn dip.


For older/larger eggplants you should peel the skin and salt them well. When cooking, eggplants are versatile and do well baked, broiled or fried.


There are so many wonderful ways to use fresh figs! Add to your baked goods, breakfast sweets, charcuterie plates, salads or sauces.

Green Beans

Wash your beans in cold water then snap off the ends and blanch in boiling water. Use them chilled in salads or throw them in a frying pan with some bacon.


All varieties of sweet peppers can be eaten raw in salads or as a scoop for dip, but roasting or grilling brings out a whole new smoky flavor profile.

Stone Fruit

We love taking big juicy bites out of peaches or apricots, but we also love them in pies, cobblers, drinks and savory dishes like grilled pork with plum slaw.

Summer Squash

The sky is the limit! Roast it, grill it, steam it, fry it, bake it – you name it, and your summer squash of any variety will love it! Don’t forget to try the blossoms too!


We love our tomatoes plain and simple. The true taste comes out when raw with just a sprinkle of salt or tossed in a salad. Remember – don’t put them in the fridge!


Like tomatoes, we like our watermelon plan and simple in the heat of summer. Did you know that you can roast the seeds and pickle the rind for snacking?

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