The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Pie Crust

We get asked questions about pies all. the. time – especially pie crust. Here are some of our tips to considering for making the perfect crust now that all of this delicious fruit is in season!

Types of crust

Flaky- requires the most skill but is the most delicious. Great for sweet and savory fillings such as firm fruit (pecan, apple, pear) but does not hold up as well for juicier fillings such as cherry.

Mealy- The sturdiest pie crust worthy of standing up to custard and berry pies. They also work great for savory pies such as quiche.

Crumb- The easiest of the pie crusts to master, crumb crust require no rolling and typically consist of crushed graham crackers or cookies. Best used for icebox pies or firm set pies.

Choose ingredients carefully

Pie crust ingredients are simple, while the process is more complicated. You only need four key ingredients: flour, salt, fat and ice water. Each ingredient needs to work with the others seamlessly to create the perfect pie crust, so make sure to do some research before grabbing any old flour or fat out of the pantry.

Types of fat

Shortening- creates a pie crust that will hold its shape well in the over however, it lacks flavor.

Butter- creates a pie crust that is packed with flavor. Its a bit harder to work with but it also creates a puffier, flakier crust than shortening.

Lard- This fat has a higher melting point than butter or shortening, yielding an extra-flaky crust. It also gives the pie crust that “old-fashioned” flavor.

Keep ingredients coooool

Keeping your ingredients cold will help create an extra tender, extra flaky crust. We recommend putting everything (bowl, flour, fat – all of it!) in the freezer for a bit before you’re ready to make your dough.

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