Speed Queen Front Load Washer

Is Speed Queen really all it’s hyped up to be? Is the brand worth the money? These are some questions we get often when asked about the Brand and the answer is YES!

Speed Queen ranks as one of the best washing machines on the market according to the consumer reports. One Cosumer Report from 2015 reads, “Speed Queen has it fans—if user reviews are any indication—despite costing a lot more than most washers. And while other manufacturers tout enormous capacities, innovative features, and outstanding cleaning, Speed Queen promises 25 years of commercial-grade performance.”

But, what does “25 years of commercial-grade performance” really mean.

  1. Built to last- for 25 years
  2. Commercial quality for the home
  3. Manufactured using long-lasting metal parts
  4. Made right here in America (Wisconsin actually)
  5. Industry leading warranty
  6. Designed for faster yet superior wash cycles
  7. Energy & water efficient
  8. Easy to use

The following link explains in detail how the front load washer is made & the difference in the product in the market today. View the link here: Speed Queen Front Load Washer

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