Pan Seared Scallops Recipe

Talk about a show stopper! We’d like to bet that this impressive pan seared scallops recipe will be the talk of the party. The rich, buttery scallop paired with the tangy and sweet fruit salsa is certainly a treat for the tastebuds! And the sriracha aioli is not to be missed if you want to kick up the heat!

pan seared scallops

Pan Seared Scallops Recipe with Strawberry Cucumber Relish

Makes: 8 servings

Total Time: 30 minutes

• 2 lbs. medium to large scallops
• Salt and pepper
• 4 tablespoons butter
• 4 tablespoons olive oil
• 2 cups ripe strawberries, diced
• 1 shallot, minced
• 2 small English cucumbers, diced
• ¼ cup arugula, chopped
• ¼ cup basil, finely chopped
• 3 tablespoons red wine vinegar

Sriracha mayo-
• 1 garlic clove, finely minced
• ½ cup mayonnaise
• 1-2 tablespoons Sriracha
• 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
• Salt to taste


Mix strawberries, shallot, cucumbers, arugula, basil, and vinegar in a small bowl. Add salt and
pepper to taste until there is a balance of sweet and sour.

Mix sriracha mayo in a small bowl to combine. Season with salt to taste and set aside.

Heat butter and olive oil in a skillet over medium-high heat. Dry the scallops really well with a
paper towel and then season with salt and pepper. When the butter/oil starts to simmer, add
the scallops to the skillet and cook, not turning for about 3 minutes. Or until the scallop starts
to pull away from the pan and the cooked portion is about halfway up the side. Flip and cook
another minute or two, until cooked through.

Remove scallops and transfer to a serving platter. Serve scallops on top of a bed of salsa or top
each scallop with salsa. Add a dollop of sriracha mayo, or serve on the side.

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