Three Tips for One Pot Meals

We can’t say enough good things about one-pot meals. Not only are they cost effective and great for busy people, they also require minimal cleanup, minimal effort, while producing maximal flavor. I mean how could we not be in love with recipes that nearly make themselves? Here are three tips for making easy one-pot wonders.

1: Stock Up On Ingredients

Find a few recipes that your family loves and keep those ingredients on hand at all times. You can even freeze the fresh ingredients in their portions to make prep that much easier. And always choose high quality ingredients for the best taste.

2: Protein + Vegetable + Grain

To create a well balanced meal, make sure to think about the components of your dish, placing a heavy emphasis on a clean protein, lots of vegetables and some sort of grain. Then make sure to stagger adding the different elements for perfect cooking.

3: Leftovers Are Key

When making a one-pot meal, we highly recommend making enough to have at least one compete meal left over, increasing the recipe if needed. Especially for busy families, this helps keep costs low and saves time on busy nights.

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