New Year’s Snack Tray

You don’t need caviar to have the perfect bubbly and food pairing! The snack board hits all the best pairings that will leave you feeling giddy. Add on the risotto bites and you have the perfect snack board to pair with the grapefruit sparklers and bubbly. Add in sparkling skewers for an extra festive touch! Here’s to a bright New Year!

New Year’s Snack Tray Recipe

Hard Cheese (Blue, Gruyère, Parmesan, Cheddar)
Salami (pairs best with champagne)
Fruit & Fruity Desserts (nothing too sweet)
Honey (drizzle on bread, cheese & fruit)
Crusty Bread with Mascarpone Cheese Spread
Salty Crackers
Dark Chocolate (pairs best with Rose)
Olives (pairs best with cava sparkling wine)
Risotto Bites (pairs best with champagne)

Great Alternatives:
Anything Mushroom
Fish and Seafood: Best pairing is Oysters
Soft Cheese: Brie or goat cheese
Popcorn or Potato chips
Pasta: Mac and cheese or Alfredo: nothing tomato based
Fried Food: Fried Chicken
Egg dishes


Have 1 large board around 12”x 18” or 2-3 boards. They can be any shape but bigger is always better- your eyes might be bigger than your stomach at the grocery store. Standard is around 2.5 square inch of food for each guest.

Decide on your cheese (3 oz. of cheese for every mouth) crackers, fruit, bread, dip/spread, sweet treat, preservative/honey and protein. If your making to pair well with champagne or other bubbly remember: steer clear of sweet desserts because they can make champagne taste bitter. Also pair mild flavors with delicate wine, and heavier food with stronger wines.

Remember to make your board colorful, thoughtful to your guests likes, dislikes, and allergies and at least one your favorite foods.

Cut up food into bite sizes and put out board accessories: a honey dipper, wooden spoons, cheese and spread knives, skewers, ramekins or small bowls, and napkins to easier serve on guests plates. Arrange beautifully & enjoy!

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