Mastering Basic Knife Skills

Knife skills in the kitchen are a necessity – both for safety and efficiency while cooking. Gaining these skills certainly takes patience, but the smallest improvements can make a huge difference so keep practicing! Here are some steps to mastering basic knife skills:


You will need to ensure that you are chopping on a surface that isn’t going to slide or move. If your cutting board is slick, place a dish towel or placemat underneath to keep it from sliding.

The Right Knife

Choose the right knife for the job – and a good one at that. Not sure which one is the right one. Check out our ultimate knife guide to help decide. Also make sure your knives are sharp – not dull!

Hold Properly

With your thumb and pointer finger, pinch the spot just between the blade and the handle, then wrap your other three fingers under the handle. Make sure not to extend your pointer along the blade as it will lessen your control.

The Claw

While chopping, you must protect your other hand too! Curl your fingers back into a claw while holding the vegetable underneath. The knife should rock up against your knuckles keeping your fingertips safe.

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