Kitchen Skills by Age

Cooking with kids can be a truly rewarding and fun experience. Not only for them, but for you too! We’re not denying that there will be many messes and maybe some meltdowns along the way, but getting kids in the kitchen builds a foundation that will influence their lives for many years to come. The kitchen provides so many valuable learning opportunities, for kids and adults alike, and we are so excited to share these kitchen skills by age.

Preschool: Ages 3-5

  • Stirring/Whisking batter in a bowl
  • Washing fruits and veggies
  • Stirring and kneading dough
  • Rolling and shaping dough
  • Using cooking cutters
  • Spooning dry ingredients
  • Pouring liquid ingredients
  • Mashing veggies with a fork

Young Cooks: Ages 6-8

  • Cutting using a small or lettuce knife
  • Boiling water for pasta
  • Beating and folding batter
  • Grating cheese
  • Peeling fruits and veggies
  • Using tools such as a can opener, juicer and garlic press
  • Frosting cupcakes
  • Icing cookies
  • Measuring with an emphasis on math

Preteens: Ages 9-12

  • Trimming and slicing veggies
  • Following a simple recipe
  • Using appliances like a waffle maker or griddle
  • Using a food processor, blender and stand mixer
  • Putting foods in the oven and removing them
  • Working with timers
  • Making salads
  • Roasting veggies
  • Baking quick breads and muffins

Teenagers: Ages13-16

  • Using all kitchen appliances
  • Developing knife skills to chop, dice and mince
  • Baking more complicated yeast doughs and pastries
  • Recognizing ingredients and where they come from
  • Reading and following recipes
  • Learning different tastes, textures and foods
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