Grilling Tools & Accessories

Take your grill game to the next level

There’s something about firing up the grill that ignites a fire within us all. Whether you’re Master of Meat or a Grill Goddess, you’ll find everything you need at The Cook’s Station. (You go, grill!)

Salt Blocks

Rich in trace minerals, salt blocks impart subtle saltiness onto food, contributing to a more robust and complex flavor. They also make for a stunning presentation. (We’re talking to you, foodie photographers!)

Grilling Baskets

Suitable for all grill types, baskets make grilling small and delicate foods easy. Whether you’re grilling up veggies or flipping fish, mastering your grill just got a little bit easier.

Potato People

It can’t get much simpler than baking a potato, but it can get more fun! Get ready to give your potato some personality. Hidden behind the shoes and hats, you’ll find metal points that pierce potatoes, allowing them to cook faster and more efficiently. Potato People work great with regular potatoes, as well as yams. They can be used in the oven or on the grill.

And so much more

We carry everything you need, whether you’re cooking indoors or outdoors. Stop in to check out our complete inventory of grilling goods.