Cherry Plum Crumble

Summer would not be summer with out some rustic fruit pies, crumbles (like this cherry plum crumble recipe) and cobblers hitting the table. While we love all of the above, we specifically love this crumble for it’s laid-back easy going nature. No fuss with pie crust —just a little chopping, a little stirring, a quick topping and you’ve

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Kitchen Skills by Age

Cooking with kids can be a truly rewarding and fun experience. Not only for them, but for you too! We’re not denying that there will be many messes and maybe some meltdowns along the way, but getting kids in the kitchen builds a foundation that will influence their lives for many years to come. The

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Blueberry Muffins Recipe

This blueberry muffins recipe is a great place to start with kids in the kitchen! They’re simple and typically well loved. Let the kiddos give you some creative input by allowing them to brainstorm ideas for substitutions or additions. Maybe adding in a few chocolate chips? Topping with an oat crumble? Using half blueberries, half

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