The goods to make your next meal great

Often, the only thing separating a fine meal from a great meal is that little something special. We’ve got the secret (and not-so-secret) sauce to turn your culinary endeavors into rave reviews and memorable meals. We also have spices, jams, mixes, rubs and more. Let’s get cooking!


Life is too short to eat bland food. Choose from our carefully curated selection and spice up your next meal.


Sometimes getting into a jam is a good thing. From sweets to savories, we’ve got the spread you seek.


Ready to mix things up? We offer an array of savory and sweet mixes to save you time and energy. From biscuits to cookies, we’ll do the measuring if you do the mixing.


Feeling sauce-y? So are we. Our collection of sauces will take your meals to the next level of delicious.


Prepare to meet your match, meat. Our rubs add a little punch and pep whether you’re grilling, broiling or baking.


Got a sugar craving? We’ve have the cure. Get your next sugar fix courtesy of these local sweet treats.

Rice & Grits

Looking for a taste of the south? Look no further than The Cook’s Station. From grains to grits, we’ve got it all.

And more!

You will always be pleasantly surprised by the new additions to our food selection with every visit to The Cook’s Station. Stop in to see our latest seasonal varieties and pick some up for your kitchen.