Fig and Ricotta Cracker Plate

Fig season is upon us and we love any reason to make a cheese plate! Make the most of this season’s fresh ingredients with this Fig and Ricotta cracker plate appetizer.

• Butter & Wheat Crackers
• Fig Jam
• Figs
• Whipped Ricotta
• Honey

Optional Additions:
• Mint
• Pistachios
• Brie
• Apples
• Summer Sausage
• Prosciutto
• Dried Apricots
• Celery
• Gorgonzola
• Toasted Baguette Slices


Pick out your cheese plate or serving tray to evenly spread out crackers on for assembly.

Using a cheese or butter knife spread ricotta, or your cheese of choice, onto crackers leaving a border for easy access to pickup.

Use a spoon to place and lightly spread a dollop of jam onto the cheese.

Garnish with sliced figs and a drizzle of honey. Add mint sprigs or crushed pistachios for extra texture.

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