Creme Brulee Cheese Puffs Recipe

I love making this Creme Brulee Cheese Puffs Recipe as the fall season starts creeping in. It has the best mix of sweet and savory. Let us know what you think in the comments.


1 package Wind & Willow Crème Brulee Cheeseball Mix

8 oz pkg cream cheese, softened

4 tbs softened butter

2 packages refrigerated crescent roll dough

1 egg, beaten


Mix the cheeseball mixture with cream cheese and butter. Save topping packet for later.

Place four rectangles of crescent roll dough on top of each other on a floured surface and roll to about ¼ inch thin, to a rectangle about 12 x 18.

Spread cheeseball mixture on the rolled out dough, leaving a ¼ inch border around the edge.  Starting with long side roll into a log and coat with egg wash.

Sprinkle with contents of topping packet.

Cut log into about 12  1 inch pieces, place each piece on its side on cookie sheet, brush with additional egg wash and bake at 350 for 8-10 mins.

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