Cookie Tips

Today we’re sharing some helpful cookie tips to reference when making the next batch of your favorite cookies. Holiday or not, we do not need an excuse to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies, double chocolate cookies, or brownie cookies.

Even Mix-Ins

To ensure that every cookie gets an even amount of chocolate chips, nuts or your favorite cookie mix-in, reserve some of the goodies until about half of the cookies have been scooped. Then, add the remaining mix-ins to the dough.

Sticky Dough

When the cookie dough is too sticky it can make it messy and difficult to scoop. In order to make it less messy, use an ice cream scoop to measure out the dough. Dip the scoop in cold water after each scooping.

Shaping Cookies

To make perfectly round indentations in your thumbprint cookies, try using a melon baller. Use the back of a melon baller to press into the balls of dough.

Freezing Dough

Having frozen cookie dough on hand is very convenient when you want to make cookies on a whim. To make it easier, form dough into balls and place on a cookie sheet in the freezer. Once frozen, move dough balls to a plastic bag or container and place in freezer until ready to make.

Sugar Cookies

To make your sugar cookies have an even thickness all around, user a drinking glass to flatten the dough balls. Butter the bottom of the glass, dip it into a bowl of sugar and flatten the balls of dough.

Burnt Cookies

Sometimes a few cookies in a batch will end up getting slightly burned. To save these cookies, use a grater/zester to gently grate the burnt layer off the bottoms of the cookies.

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