Risotto Bites Recipe

Risotto bites are great as an appetizer, side dish or even entrée over pasta! A little-known secret is fried foods pairs well with champagne. If you do plan on serving the risotto bites with champagne, change the marina sauce to Alfredo or add as another option because the tomatoes clash with the high acidity of

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Cranberry Oat Bars

This holiday we’ll be dreaming of delightful cranberry oat squares. Leftover cranberry sauce? Turn it into breakfast squares or a delicious baked dessert. Need a sweet appetizer? Cut them into bite size squares!  Not only are they tasty but look festive also with a light coating of powdered sugar. An edible winter wonderland! CRANBERRY OAT BARS Prep

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Antipasto Wreath

Festive wreath you can eat? Oh yes! Holiday entertaining is where appetizers are king, and the magical time of year with family and friends’ rule. This edible antipasto wreath will be a fab-yule-ous edition to your holiday party menu. And fun to make with the whole family! ANTIPASTO WREATH Prep Time: 45 Minutes Servings: 4-6 INGREDIENTS For the

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