Bacon & Horseradish Loaded Potato Pizza Recipe

We love a celebration here at The Cook’s Station! And with every celebration you need a great people pleaser appetizer that your party goers will love snacking on. We recommend trying this Bacon & Horseradish Loaded Potato Pizza Recipe for your next get together.


1 pkg Wind and Willow Bacon & Horseradish Dip Mix

8oz package of cream cheese

½ cup sour cream

4 tbs butter

1 pkg refrigerated pizza dough

4 yukon gold potatoes washed and sliced very thin

1 package bacon, cooked well and crumbled

1 bunch chives, chopped

1 package of shredded cheddar cheese


Place potato slices in single layer on sheet pans and cook in oven at 350 degrees for 15-20 mins.

Open crescent roll package and place the four rectangles of dough on top of each other on floured surface. Roll dough to a large rectangle to fit a large cookie sheet (approx 12 x 18). Spray the pan and transfer dough from floured surface to pan  and bake for 12 mins at 325 degrees.

While dough is baking, mix Bacon Horseradish dip mix) with cream cheese, butter  and sour cream with electric mixer until completely blended.

When dough comes out of oven, let cool about 5 mins.

Place cream cheese mixture on top and spread to cover with a ¼ inch border left around perimeter.  Lay potato slices over cream cheese mixture. Sprinkle with bacon bits, chives and cheese.

Put back in oven to warm toppings and melt cheese.

Yields about 24  2×2” pieces.

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