10 Rules for Hosting a Party

We hear it all the time at the store during this season – how do I host a STRESS-FREE dinner party?! We have, after years and years of experience, created our top tips and are sharing them with you. Here are our 10 rules for hosting a party this holiday season.

  1. Keep your guest list manageable
  2. Consider ambiance from the very beginning
  3. Send the invite out one to two weeks in advance
  4. Check on dietary restrictions and allergies ahead of time
  5. Start making your list one week before the party
  6. Get creative with serveware and plating
  7. Prep as many things as possible ahead of time
  8. Day of necessities: fresh flowers, candles playlist
  9. Play host/hostess to make everyone feel comfortable and welcome
  10. Avoid any food containers, condiments, plastic on the table

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